Interoperability Testing Support Page

This page has resources and instructions for using the SkunkDAV test suite, written for the WebDAV Interoperability Testing Event in Santa Cruz, July 19-20, 2001.


July 20, 2001:   fixed bug in client library which caused one possible element of a multistatus response to be ignored. A bug fix to the test script requires this build.

July 19, 2001:   Testing begins. Fixed a possible null pointer (in a trace statement, no less!).

July 18, 2001:   Several bugs fixed today in the script and client library. Thanks to everyone who has tested it and given feedback; you'll need to get rid of your .autorc file and start over, I'm afraid. You'll also need to get the latest SkunkDAV build, or build it from CVS.

July 17, 2001:   Today a rather important bug in the script was found (thanks to Dylan Barrell for pointing it out) and repaired.

July 16, 2001:   The automated test script,, and the client library API which it exercises both changed yesterday. The current version of the script requires the new skunkdav jar files.



To run the automated test, you need to have done the following:

Invoke the script as follows:


The script looks for a configuration file called ".autorc" in the current working directory, and then, if it can't find it, in your home directory. If it doesn't find it, it will create one in the current working directory, with some reasonable default values. It will also create a section for the host you have specified, and query interactively for port, path to test directory's parent directory (the script creates its own test directory underneath it), username, password, and lock owner. It is also possible to edit the config file by hand; the excluded_cases parameter, for instance, is currently not queried for interactively, and to change the defaults manual editing will be necessary. For more options, run  jython --help ; you will probably want to use the  --log   option, which generates a rather chatty log file.

If you have more test cases to contribute, in code or pseudocode, fantastic; please submit them to me at

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