SkunkDAV DAV client

SkunkDAV is a GPL Java2 webDAV client with a built-in editor and file browser, written by Jacob Smullyan. Its DAV client library can be used separately.

News (September 08, 2002): After a long period of ignoring the existence of this project, the author is beginning to pay attention to it again. He has thus far checked in a perfectly obvious fix to a by now notorious threading bug that prevented the gui package from compiling with many compilers; other issues will be addressed in the coming weeks (clean up of some of the support application libraries, for instance). The CVS version will now compile with both javac and jikes.

For more information about this project, read its README, and check out its sourceforge project page.

N.B.:  Persons with questions about SkunkDAV are encouraged to post to the skunkdav-dev mailing list.

For more information about webDAV in general, take a peek at

The support page for SkunkDAV interoperability testing at the WebDAV Interoperability Testing Event in Santa Cruz on July 19-20, 2001 is here.


As of August 2, 2001, SkunkDAV can be downloaded from our sourceforge download page. The latest version is; the jar files are executables, and the gz files are source and javadocs.

The SkunkDAV CVS repository can be browsed online via ViewCVS.

Javadocs are now available for download or to browse online.

java -jar skunkdav.jar will start the application. To become familiar with the client API, I recommend looking at the following jpython script which can be found in the source tarball: test/


The file explorer
Editing an HTML document
Editor preferences

To report a bug, request a feature, submit a patch, or ask a question, please post to the skunkdav-dev mailing list, or you can contact me directly.

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