Package org.skunk.dav.client

Interface Summary
DAVConstants various constants used throughout the dav client library.

Class Summary
AbstractDAVMethod base class for DAV methods.
DAVAuthenticator a trivial subclass of Authenticator which grants access to its PasswordAuthentication member
DAVConnection An http connection that can execute DAVMethod objects.
DAVConnectionPool a pool for DAVConnection objects.
DAVFile a wrapper around the results returned by a DAV propfind or other DAV method.
DAVMethodName Object wrapper for the various DAV methods.
DAVProperty convenience for adding named properties to a propfind Created: Mon Sep 18 13:51:18 2000
Depth a type to represent the three possible values of the depth attribute
HeaderMap a HashMap subclass in which keys, if they are strings, are coerced into uppercase.
Lock a struct that stores information pertaining to a lock.
LockScope an enumeration of possible lock scopes.
LockType an enumeration of possible lock types.
Timeout not fully compliant with RFC2518: currently only supports Infinite and one Second value.

Exception Summary